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Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are scratch made from premium ingredients and topped with Italian Buttercream Icing.  Please schedule your appointment with Chef Anna today!

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Scantily clad with cascading macarons an

Scantily clad with cascading macarons and fresh roses.

Three Tier Italian Butter Cream

Three tier wedding cake with Italian butter cream and fresh flowers from Roses Bouquet

Classic white and gold wedding cake!!

A simple and elegant design featuring edible gold leaf!

Wedding Cake Close Up

Beautiful details on this elegant cake.

Wedding Cake Scantily Clad Flowers

Natural flowers on this scantily clad cake were perfect for an outdoor wedding!

Contemporary Square Wedding Cake

Hand sculpted flowers adorn this contemporary wedding cake!

Italian Buttercream Icing!

A three tier round wedding cake featuring elegant ribbon and classic elements.

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

Not every wedding cake is white!

Half Sphere Wedding Cake

Dare to be different at your wedding!

Italian Buttercream Cake

Natural flowers compliment the ruffled Italian buttercream icing on this beautiful cake.

Elegant and Stylish Buttercream Icin

Elegant and stylish three tier cake with hand piped details on Italian buttercream icing.

Textured Wedding Cake

Multiple textures draw your eye to this stunning wedding cake.

Blue Ribbons on Wedding Cake

The dark ribbons and hand piped icing make for a great contrast on this beautiful cake.

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake

The edible gold leaf is a beautiful addition to this small wedding cake.

Stylish and Modern Wedding Cake

A stylish and modern wedding cake.

Scantily Clad with Fresh Flowers

Down on the farm!!

Three Tier Organic Wedding Cake

Three Tier Wedding Cake with Italian Buttercream with Swiss Buttercream dots.

Contemporary Wedding Cake

Contemporary Wedding Cake with Hand Sculpted Petals

Simply elegant Wedding Cake

A simple elegant cake with fresh fruit.

Some couples like to eat a whole cake by themselves!

Metallic Frosted Macaron

Metallic Frosted Macarons! Beautiful and delicious!

Contemporary Wedding Cake

Hand sculpted flowers and Succulents on this all natural wedding cake!

Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Frosting

Nothing like a good old fashioned 3 tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!

Contemporary Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

This elegant contemporary wedding cake features three round tiers with handcrafted fondant flowers on Italian buttercream icing and is finished with nonpareils.

Scantily Clad with Fresh Flowers

Scantily Clad Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers.

Dark Maroon Wedding Cake

Magenta Icing with hand Sculpted Sweet Pea flowers.

Rustic Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

A unique wedding cake with a rustic theme. Italian Buttercream frosting with natural flowers and berries.

Edible gold Wedding cake

Edible Gold on Italian Buttercream icing.

Turquoise Macarons With Sugar Pearls

Turquoise Macarons with Sugar Pearls.

Fresh Flower Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

Fresh flowers completed the stunning look of this cream cheese frosted wedding cake!

Barn Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

A barn wedding calls for a cake with a handcrafted appearance. Four round tiers and beautiful flowers did the trick for this barn wedding.

Elegant Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

We captured this photo before the florist arrived showing the elegant three tier wedding cake with bright white Italian buttercream icing.

Lace Pattern Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

The lace pattern on this large three tier round wedding cake with white satin ribbons adds a classic look to this wedding cake. After a visit from the florist this cake was stunning.

Square Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

Three tier square wedding cake with blue ribbon and blue fondant flowers on Italian buttercream icing.

Gold Ribbon Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

The white Italian buttercream icing and gold ribbon are the perfect back drop for natural floral arrangements.

Wedding Cake & Macarons Fort Wayne

Adding macarons and a sweet wedding cake topper to this small wedding cake added a bit of fun for their special day.

Intricate Lace Wedding Cake Fort Way

The elaborate lace pattern on this four tier round wedding cake added a sophisticated feel. Added after the photo, natural flowers complemented the white decorative icing.

Country Wedding Cake Fort Wayn

This country wedding utilized a simple three tier round cake design with flowers and a handcrafted appearance to celebrate their special day.

Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

Four Tier Round Wedding Cake with Italian Buttercream Icing.

Square Wedding Cake Fort Wayne

Contemporary Offset Square Wedding Cake with Italian Buttercream Icing

Sweet little wedding cake Fort Wayne

This is a sweet little wedding cake for two!

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